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Improving the Unit, Tlahuac

Mexico City, 2015

At the methodological level, we performed a mapping based on physical and spatial data, as well as interviews to collect unit residents’ opinions and perspectives.

1. PHYSICAL DATA: We generated a physical and spatial levantamiento based on photographs, measurements and drawings of pre-existing elements; everything in order to build a document that includes all the pre-existing elements as wholly as possible.

2. SOCIAL DATA: We did more than fifteen interviews with users of all ages on multiple topics, focusing on identifying the various conflict areas pointed out by the residents.

The purpose of these interviews was:

a) To find out what the residents think about the space and its relation to their home

b) To understand where the conflict areas are located and what the problems are

c) To try to determine possible acceptable lines of action for the community in the short term

The project is developed according to five design strategies: the optimization of vehicular areas in the unit in order to reclaim some of the spaces that have been taken over by cars; the consolidation of five communal activity centers with areas for passive recreation, two playgrounds, an urban gym and a skate park; the connection between these activity centers by a footpath; the construction of two classrooms meant for collective use and, finally, the reclaiming of a residual green area to create a lineal park of environmental and recreational character. 


9,190 sqm


Collective housing





Project Scope

Conceptual design


Julio Gaeta / Luby Springall


Jesica Amescua, Daniel Julve, Lorena Cardona, Jorge Torres, Ulises Mora, Oscar Juárez, Joel Cruz, Erick Rodríguez, Josep Romans.

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