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Celaya Cathedral

Celaya, Guanajuato, 2015


Open Competition

Our project goes back to the pure geometric shapes of sacred architecture from antiquity based on the circle, the equilateral triangle and the square. We have opted for a unique, simple and compelling gesture: an isosceles triangle that points to the sky, but is firmly attached to the ground; an axial building that cracks one of its façades in order to let in a cross of light that shows the way.

We propose an essential and intelligible symbolism, a cathedral conceived in contemporary language and character that chooses to be symbolic but does so in abstract terms. The essential shape is the triangle. Superimposed on the triangle that serves as material-cover and constitutes the formal and spatial proposal, there is a technical-structural triangle that supports and resolves the cathedral’s nave on a technical level; this leads to a play between the two interwoven triangles. 

The project’s orientation goes back to tradition in terms of the insertion and design of cathedrals accessed from the west in the axial direction towards the east. The main access façade emerges powerfully and is subtly perforated; its plane opens up to generate the Cathedral’s covered entrance hall. As we enter, we experience the powerful axial spatiality crowned by light coming from above, connected to the “Cathedral Park” on the right.

The Cathedral’s axiality leads the way to the triangle at the back in the chancel. This triangle on the eastern façade appears solid, and a cross-shaped crack is built on it: an immaterialized cross of light that floods and commands the cathedral.

In addition to the Cathedral itself, there are several secondary buildings and the “Cathedral Park”, located on the eastern side, where it serves as a venue for outdoor events, and on the southern side, generating a filter of green space between the Cathedral, the future street and the city. 


16,200 sqm


Public building


Archdiocese of Celaya



Project Scope

Conceptual Design, Architectural Project, Architectural Supervision


Julio Gaeta / Luby Springall


Jesica Amescua, Paola Ampudia, Marbet Salazar, Daniel Julve, Jorge Torres, Carlos Verón, Aldo Urban, Lorena Cardona, Itzel Fuentes, Joel Cruz, Ulises Mora, Alejandro Vidal, Erick Rodríguez, Daniela Dávila, Josep Romans.
Antonio Espinoza, Paola Ávila
Héctor Margain (estructura), Lighteam (iluminación), SAAD Acústica (diseño acústico), ESPIN-Espacios Inteligentes (Instalaciones)

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